Need for Speed Breakbeat Hero Loadout

This time it ain't just about being fast.



Breakbeat Wildcat

Legendary | Hero
Battle Beat+Eliminating 4 enemies in 9 seconds grants Rockin' Riff (Increases Damage by 50% and Melee Attack Speed by 32%, decaying over 8 seconds).

Team Perk

Totally Rockin' OutRockin' Riff also increases your Crit Rating by 160 (decaying over 8 seconds) and Heals for 73.75 base health. REQUIRES: 2 Totally Rad heroes

Support Team

FumbleEliminated enemies have a 7% chance to fumble a football. Footballs grant Rockin' Riff (Increases Damage by 50% and Melee Attack Speed by 32%, decaying over 8 seconds).
Bringin' Down the HouseHeavy attack eliminations have a 12.5% chance to grant Rockin' Riff (Increases Damage by 50% and Melee Attack Speed by 32%, decaying over 8 seconds).
Saurian ClawsAdds 5.5% of Current Health to Melee Weapon Damage.
AssassinationDealing Melee Weapon Damage grants 1 stack of Assassination (up to 5 stacks). Assassination lasts 5 seconds and increases Melee Weapon Damage by 4.5%.
Corrosive StrikesMelee critical hits apply 30% Snare and Affliction which deals 37% of Damage dealt each second for 3 seconds.


Adrenaline RushRestores health to you and friendly players in a 3 tile range. Purges negative effects. Heals additional health every second over 5 seconds. Revives downed allies.
Stationary Hover TurretDeploys the stationary hover turret that fires energy rounds at enemies within an 8 tile range at 6 rounds per second. Turret lasts for 30 seconds. An additional Turret is added. Turret deals damage to nearby enemies on death.

Recommended Weapons

+135% Crit Damage
+135% Crit Damage
Energy and +20% Damage
+135% Crit Damage
+30% Attack Speed
Damage dealt with this weapon snares the target by 30% for 6 seconds.

Need for Speed Breakbeat Description

This Breakbeat Wildcat build is all about making the most out of the melee attack speed buff that comes from Rockin' Riff and Wildcat's insane up time due to Battle Beats. Going with the Totally Rockin' Out team perk means this build isn't all about speed but also Crit Damage. Which is why we chose the Spectral Blade for this build.

The first thing we need to do is activate the Totally Rockin' Out team perk and we do that with Power Pop Penny and Varsity Hiro. You can use your heavy attack on occasion when you need to and it will add some opportunities for activating Rockin' Riff. Wildcat will keep it up during the fight once it starts. You can supplement it by picking up fumbled footballs when you need to. They make great health boosts when timed right.

Paleo Luna seems to be a staple for most melee builds these days. She brings some extra base damage to the table. Assassin's can grant stacks of assassination, up to 5 times. Lastly once we are out there dropping crits like crazy, we want to add some extra damage over time with Deadly Blade Crash.

Weapon Description

The main spotlight with this build is having a weapon that swings really fast and does massive critical damage. The Spectral Blade really excels at this with three Crit Damage perks and an additional slot for an Attack Speed perk. This will keep the crits flowing at light speed. Dealing heavy damage quickly to all potential targets.

You can use your heavy attack to cover small distances and help keep you moving from one target to the next quickly when you have no one in your immediate range.