Toy Soldier Wildcat Hero Loadout

Your move, creep.



Breakbeat Wildcat

Legendary | Hero
Battle Beat+Eliminating 4 enemies in 9 seconds grants Rockin' Riff (Increases Damage by 50% and Melee Attack Speed by 32%, decaying over 8 seconds).

Team Perk

Totally Rockin' OutRockin' Riff also increases your Crit Rating by 160 (decaying over 8 seconds) and Heals for 73.75 base health. REQUIRES: 2 Totally Rad heroes

Support Team

Sub WafersHarvesting Metal objects has a 32% chance to give Sub Wafers. Consuming Sub Wafers grants Rockin' riff (Increases Damage by 50% and Melee Attack Speed by 32%, decaying over 8 seconds).
FumbleEliminated enemies have a 7% chance to fumble a football. Footballs grant Rockin' Riff (Increases Damage by 50% and Melee Attack Speed by 32%, decaying over 8 seconds).
Assault Crit DamageIncreases Assault Critical Damage by 75%.
Start UpEvery shot increases Ranged Weapon Damage by 1% up to a maximum of 25 stacks. Switching weapons or reloading removes buff.
Mad TidingsFiring a ranged weapon grants 1 stack of Holiday Spirit, up to 50 stacks. Each stack of Holiday Spirit increases Ranged Weapon Damage by 1% but decreases Weapon Stability by 0.2%. Buff removed on weapon swap or reload.


Slow FieldReduces movement speed of enemies to 40% in a 1 tile range, for 45 seconds.
Stationary Hover TurretDeploys the stationary hover turret that fires energy rounds at enemies within an 8 tile range at 6 rounds per second. Turret lasts for 30 seconds. An additional Turret is added. Turret deals damage to nearby enemies on death.

Recommended Weapons

+135% Crit Damage
+135% Crit Damage
Energy and +20% Damage
+30% Damage
+135% Crit Damage
Each shot fired grants +1.8% Damage for 1 second. Stacks up to 15 times.

+135% Crit Damage
+75% Magazine Size
Energy and +20% Damage
+135% Crit Damage
+135% Crit Damage
Causes Affliction damage for 6 seconds.

Energy and +20% Damage
+135% Crit Damage
+135% Crit Damage
+75% Magazine Size
+135% Crit Damage
Landing 5 hits in a row on a single target causes a small explosion damaging enemies within 0.5 tiles of the target for 70% damage.

Toy Soldier Wildcat Description

This is the ultimate soldier build for Breakbeat Wildcat. We will be maximizing her capabilities in a Soldier loadout as the Commander hero. For this loadout we will be using the best team perk, support heroes and assault rifles that Fortnite Save the World has to offer, as we see them.

The first major focus of this build is to accentuate Rockin' Riff with extra Critical Rating so we won't need to perk it on our weapons. We accomplish that by activating the Totally Rockin' Out team perk with Main Stage Quinn and Varsity Hiro. With the extra chance to crit, we have Tactical Assault Headhunter for the extra Assault Rifle Crit Damage.

Now we want to focus on having a high magazine weapon and getting the most out of the next two heroes perks, that both add damage per shot fired. Bullet Storm Jonesy will add 1% Damage per shot fired for the first 25 shots before reloading. Crackshot goes a step further and adds 1% Damage per shot fired up until 50 shots. With the added penalty of reduced (-0.2%) Weapon Stability per shot fired. The more bullets the clip holds on the assault rifle, the more damage potential we reap from these buffs, before reloading.

Weapon(s) Description

All of these weapon choices (as well as many others not listed) make great candidates for this build due to their ability to achieve so many Critical Damage perks. All three weapon choices have three Crit Damage perks. They also have high magazine sizes to maximize the hero loadout perks. Any other gun that fits that criteria would work nicely, too.

The Pain Train is always a strong choice due to it's ability to achieve all damage perks across the board. Crit Damage x 3 and Damage, as well as increased Damage per shot. It just hammers everything you point it at. You could opt to change the Damage perk to a Magazine Size perk for extra bullets. Alas it is a event weapon from the Item Store from Christmas time. Not everybody will have it.

The Wraith is currently one of the most popular assault rifles in the game. A lot of people have access to it and it makes a great choice due to it's high mag size and ability to cause Affliction damage. Most people will use this.

Last but not least the Mercury LMG is another of the people's favorites in the game. It has an extremely high magazine size that can seemingly shoot forever before needing to reload. Every 5 hits that land on a target will also cause an explosion. Great for some Area of Effect damage in large hordes of husks.

There are a lot of other weapons that fit this criteria or similar criteria, such as the Nocturno, Duet, Gammatron, etc. Feel free to experiment with other weapons to see their damage potential with this godly build.