Earsplittin' Beats Wildcat Hero Loadout

Devastating seismic vibes.



Breakbeat Wildcat

Legendary | Hero
Battle Beat+Eliminating 4 enemies in 9 seconds grants Rockin' Riff (Increases Damage by 50% and Melee Attack Speed by 32%, decaying over 8 seconds).

Team Perk

Blast From The PastRemoves all shield and increases Max Health by 200%.
REQUIRES: 2 Dinosaur Heroes

Support Team

Saurian FocusWhile Shield is depleted, regenerates 4 Energy per second.
Saurian HideWhile Shield is depleted, increases Armor by 33.
Pointy FuryIncreases Spear Heavy Attack Efficiency by 65%.
Rapid ChargeMelee eliminations grant 7.5 Energy.
SurvivalistEliminations heal you for 39 base Health over 3 seconds. Duration refreshes with additional eliminations.


Adrenaline RushRestores health to you and friendly players in a 3 tile range. Purges negative effects. Heals additional health every second over 5 seconds. Revives downed allies.
Stationary Hover TurretDeploys the stationary hover turret that fires energy rounds at enemies within an 8 tile range at 6 rounds per second. Turret lasts for 30 seconds. An additional Turret is added. Turret deals damage to nearby enemies on death.

Recommended Weapons

+120% Heavy Attack Energy Efficiency
+30 Critical Rating
Energy and +20% Damage
+30% Damage
+135% Crit Damage
Stunning or Knocking back an enemy with this weapon causes nearby enemies to dance for a short duration. Does not affect enemies that have recently been dancing. Dance does not affect Mist Monsters or Bosses.

Earsplittin' Beats Wildcat Description

The Earsplitter is responsible for some of the most insane loadouts you'll see in the game when you focus the builds around taking advantage of it's heavy attack, Sonic Pulse, like we will be doing here. With this setup the main hero is Breakbeat Wildcat who has some crazy damage potential with her Battle Beats perk that gets (re)applied after every 4 kills. The main goal of this build is to keep the Sonic Pulse uptime as high as possible. Which means we will need energy to keep flowing in like crazy. Aided by Heavy Attack Effiency. We will be vulnerable during our heavy attack state to ranged attacks and will have to mitigate or outright avoid that damage somehow.

This build can be very tanky and overpowering when supplemented and played correctly. It can really shine against massive hordes of husks with it's high damage potential and crowd control capabilities. The only real downside to this build is you will need teammates or terrain to help support you against the many ranged enemies that may stay out of your damage radius and pick you off. Such as bees, Laser monsters, Pitchers, Gunslingers, Lobbers, etc. Without assistance from teammates taking out those husk types, you will have to look towards natural defenses, such as choke points to filter them into your radius. Which you can easily build yourself, if natural terrains don't already exist.

For our loadout, we look to aid our energy regen and damage mitigation by adding the Blast From the Past team perk to the build, along with heroes Fossil Southie and Prehistoric Izza. Southie will offer passive energy regen, while Izza helps us stay alive by mitigating 33% damage full time. Piercing Lotus Edge helps Sonic Pulse consume less energy per use with Spear Heavy Attack Efficiency. Anti-Cuddle Sarah will add more energy regen to the build every kill and Survivalist Jonesy is there to help keep the health up in this most vulnerable of times.

As you use the Earsplitters Sonic Pulse, you will slam the spear into the ground. At this time you will become rooted or locked in place until you release the heavy attack or you die. Each second, you will emit a sonic pulse that deals damage and knocks back enemies in a small radius around you. As enemies are knocked back, they will begin dancing. This is better than an elimination build as every husk gets pushed back whether it dies or not. If it dies, it doesn't need to dance and if it doesn't die, then it's dancing. No need for proximity based deaths to trigger crowd control animations in a small radius while most other husks are left unchecked.

Weapon Description

We chose the perks for the Earsplitter based off of keeping it's Sonic Pulse heavy attack uptime as high as possible. For that we add a Heavy Attack Efficiency perk on it's first slot. We will also be going with a crit build for the rest of the weapon, with energy as it's damage type, so it can best support damaging husks of any and all types.

The 6th perk is where things get interesting. The Sonic Pulse has great knockback potential, pushing back husks of all types that enter your radius of effect. Since all husks will either die or get pushes back, it makes sense to put the 6th perk to Stun or Knock back enemies to trigger the dancing. That will cause the effect to trigger to any husk that enters the radius. Not just ones that die after being pushed back. Most enemies will die before 3 hits go off so it doesn't make sense to use that perk either. The only other viable option is eliminations. Since eliminations could occur anywhere around you in a 360 degree radius and the dancing effect has such a small radius, it doesn't make sense to only make one or two husks dance when one near them dies. As it will only affect a small radius around you at varying times. Instead of all the husks, all the time, with the 6th perk we chose.