Infinite AMC Farming Hero Loadout

Fortune and glory, kid. Fortune and glory.


Team Perk

Blast From The PastRemoves all shield and increases Max Health by 200%.
REQUIRES: 2 Dinosaur Heroes

Support Team

Saurian FocusWhile Shield is depleted, regenerates 4 Energy per second.
Saurian HideWhile Shield is depleted, increases Armor by 33.
Fuel for the FallenEliminations restore 6 Energy over 3 seconds. Duration refreshes with additional eliminations.
Phase ForwardPhase Shift grants an additional 30% Movement Speed for 3 seconds.
FleetIncreases Movement Speed by 12.5%.


Supply DropCall in a supply drop that includes 85 wood, 85 stone, 85 metal. Drops at least 1 crafting item. Drops at least 1 Plank or Twine. Drops at least 1 Rough Ore or Powder. Drops at least 1 Trap and Ammo.
Stationary Hover TurretDeploys the stationary hover turret that fires energy rounds at enemies within an 8 tile range at 6 rounds per second. Turret lasts for 30 seconds. An additional Turret is added. Turret deals damage to nearby enemies on death.

Recommended Weapons

+30% Attack Speed
+14% Movement Speed
Energy and +20% Damage
+14% Movement Speed
+14% Movement Speed
Damage dealt with this weapon snares the target by 30% for 6 seconds.

+30% Attack Speed
+14% Movement Speed
Energy and +20% Damage
+30% Attack Speed
+14% Movement Speed
Hitting an enemy with this weapon grants +6% Movement Speed for 5 seconds. Stacks up to 5 times.

Infinite AMC Farming Description

Infinite Anti-Material Charge Archaeolo-Jess. The name says it all. You are able to infinitely use AMC on whatever it is that crosses your path. In this build we focus on farming materials as I feel this is currently the best farming build in the game. There are four required components to make it work and two optional ones. Let's go over the required ones first.

The first required hero to make this work is Fossil Southie with the Saurian Focus perk. To get it to activate with 100% uptime from Blast From the Past we have to add another Dinosaur hero to the build. We chose Izza for the Damage Resistance but any work. Fuel for the Fallen is the last thing we want to make sure to have from Fallen Love Ranger Jonesy. The last two heroes you choose can be any you like but we're going to go with heroes who accentuate our movement capabilities.

To better facilitate our movement and be able to close gaps between objects you want to smash, we have decided to amplify this build to include two heroes that will boost your Movement Speed. Recon Scout Eagle Eye and Fleetfoot Ken. Ken gives you a flat 12.5% increase to your movement speed. Then after using Phase Shift, Eagle Eye will give you 30% more. The Baron is a luxury for those who have it in this scenario and if you do, you could elect to opt for a different hero to replace one or both of these. Like Flash A.C. for the decrease in cooldown time to Phase Shift or Phase Scout Jess for an extra charge.

Typically though you're not going to travel very far between objects and since you need your pickaxe out to use AMC, you're not going to do a ton of switching back and forth between weapon and pickaxe. Except for the occasion where you need to travel a long distance. When you're farming in an Industrial zone for example, you're mostly AMCing from one object to the next until you're done.

Weapon(s) Description

There's only one option when it comes to movement in the game that is unsurpassed (at the moment, things change) and that is, "The Baron" steampunk hardware weapon. Perked up to Movement Speed boost x 3. You can also add some damage weapons to this build for sure, to keep Fallen Love Ranger Jonesy's perk Fuel for the Fallen up. I'll leave that up to your discretion.

If you weren't lucky enough to get The Baron during the Steampunk event but were lucky enough to get the Six Feet Under shovel from the 2018 Fortnitemares, it makes a great next best option. As it has two Movement Speed perks associated with it and a 6th perk that also gives you additional Movement Speed per hit.