Trap Rankings

The Trap ranking list is here to provide a starting point for you to begin your journey on finding out the most effective Traps for you in Fortnite Save the World. Rankings are important due to the nature of the game. It is not a quick journey to acquiring every trap in the game, although eventually you will do so. It will require a time investment to level up every trap to it's fullest potential and you will have to make many choices along the way.

Rankings are here to make those choices easier for beginner and intermediate users as a quick reference guide but are not to be taken as gospel. Everyone can have a different journey and play style in Fortnite. It's the beauty of the game.

# Trap Thought Process
1 Ceiling Gas Trap One of the most punishing traps by far in Save the World, the Gas Trap can annihilate lesser husks with ease. Affecting a 3x3 area, with Physical Affliction damage, it can hit a wide area and affect a lot of husks at once. As it thins out the hordes, it will allow you to focus on higher value targets.

There are two downsides to Ceiling Gas Trap. The first is that you will always be on the hunt for more Fibrous Herbs. Gas traps are that good. The second downside is that it is susceptible to Sploder husks destroying the ceiling tiles they're placed on, being only one tile high.
2 Floor Launcher After you've annihilated all the small, low health husks, the next best defense you have against the onslaught of the storm hordes are traps that slow down and/or push back high health enemies to reset their aggressive push towards the objective. Nothing fits that criteria better than the Floor Launcher.

Floor Launchers are tons of fun with an absolutely tremendous throwing distance and a ton of impact damage on fall from husks. When leveled up and perked for it, you will have tons of fun flinging husks of all types all over the map! Throwing husks off the edge of a cliff never gets old.
3 Wall Launcher Same logic rings true for the Wall Launcher as it did for the Floor Launcher. It's a great tool for resetting aggressive high health husks. Which can lead to re-administering damage from previous damage sources or putting husks into a completely separate area to be dealt with entirely.

Once again, it never gets old pushing husks off of cliffs, into player created pits or just about anywhere else that you can think of. The fun factor of this trap is as endless as it's usefulness.
4 Wall Darts Let's face it, exploding trap tunnels are just part of the game. Wall Darts are one of two traps that are capable of surviving Sploder blasts due to proximity and distance. Which gives them a huge amount of value to me. Being able to shoot from 3 tiles back gives them incredible range and added survivability for those tumultuous times when everything is going BOOM. The utility of being able to shoot over and through other walls with traps is tremendous.
5 Wooden Floor Spikes Slowing down the onslaught of the storm horde is top priority. Stackable snares in Fortnite Save the World prove to be extremely powerful tools in our arsenal. High durability, with a fast recharge time, Wooden Floor Spikes will bring husk progression to a crawl, allowing your powerful traps and weapons to do their job more effectively. Being a floor trap, they're susceptible to Sploders.
6 Wall Dynamo Massive damage & impact with a minor stun and a long reload time. Can outright kill or help slow down high health husks. Obliterates anything smaller. Can be put on low walls and also works on windowed walls, giving it some added utility.
7 Ceiling Drop Trap One of the only traps in Fortnite Save the World that is pretty much Sploder proof. Which gives it incredible value to me. When all the normal trap tunnels have gone down, the Ceiling Drop Trap will still be contributing. As long as you take advantage of it's tile drop size. Place them high! They can be placed up to 3 tiles high. Offers a small amount of Impact on top of it's damage.
8 Retractable Floor Spikes My go to floor trap when I need damage. Just slowing down husks and resetting them is not going to be enough. We need to kill them, too. I use these regularly after putting down some Wooden Floor Spikes to first slow down the husks. Offers a small amount of Impact to help stagger enemies.
9 Ceiling Zapper The Ceiling Zapper does massive damage on a long cooldown. It will help you finish off whatever got past your Gas traps and Floor Spikes. The added impact and minor stun is very useful on Smashers about to breach your walls. Also a great trap to place above defenders that are trapped within a one tile space.
10 Floor Freeze Trap Slowing down, stopping or resetting husks that don't die is necessary to survival in Save the World. The Freeze trap is unique in it will freeze a husk in place and allow it to take increased damage. However, freezing husks isn't guaranteed, as you have to breach their impact threshold for the effects to occur. Which means, you're going to get some husks that just walk right through it. Without some help from impact from other sources.
11 Ceiling Electric Field Elemental damage in a wide 3x3 area. Great in a niche role. Still works non-niche albeit not as effectively. I often use these to provide some damage and save materials on Gas traps.
12 Cozy Campfire One of the most underrated and overpowered utility traps in the game. Right now it has some niche applications. Like healing defenders, keeping some health on melee fighters out in the field or stationary targets back at the objective. As of right now, this trap is not necessary to win in the game. It would be used more if the game mechanics were a lil bit different and/or harder.
13 Wall Lights The impact and stun is huge. It has 5 times the stun duration of any other trap. You can move husks a little bit with it if you need to as well. Works as a great compliment to other traps that need an impact threshold to be met to be able to work. Like Floor or Wall Launchers.
14 Flame Grill Floor Trap Pretty good damage in a niche role. Will roast nature husks. Most lower health husks don't live through the DoT duration. I typically favor Retractable Floor Spikes over these but I will use them in all nature missions. Keep in mind that high end zones like Twine Peaks are loaded with nature alerts so you will be fighting nature husks quite a bit.
15 Wall Spikes With the right B.A.S.E. setup, they can effectively help thin out the lesser hordes of husks. I tend to use other traps in place of these most of the time. When I do use these, I usually use them on low walls I know will eventually fail or to help give a wall a minor increase in health points. Since husks will go after weaker walls or avoid walls altogether. They work well on windowed walls guarding Defenders.
16 Patrol Ward Pretty useful in a few different scenarios. 4 x difficulty missions have loads of patrols and Build the Radar missions with Storm Alerts. You will get attacked by random patrols in those missions but if you utilize one of these in the right place, it'll limit that from happening.

Only affects Patrol spawns. Not the permanent purple swirlies. There's no reason to overlap these. Definitely the least used trap in my arsenal but a very useful utility when you need it.