Storm Shield Defenses

Storm Shields are your way of combating and pushing back the storm in Fortnite Save the World. They allow you to establish a persistant base of operations that you can upgrade and defend. It's main purpose is to give you a safe sanctuary for you and other survivors from the storm.

It is a seperate game environment outside of the normal game modes that is continues to exist from match to match. Allowing you to continually expand it as you level up from one level to the next. You start out with a simple objective. You must survive defending the shield. As you progress through the game you will add amplifiers to your Storm Shield that will allow you to expand it further and further.

There are four zones in the game, Stonewood, Plankerton, Canny Valley and Twine Peaks. Each zone has ten Storm Shield levels you can compete against and complete. Each defense gets progressively harder than the last and increases in level as well as difficulty. Storm Shields are usually tied into the questline for each zone. After the 6th Storm Shield defense, the rest are optional.

Storm Shield defenses include tutorials, introduce new husk types and can be broken down into waves. Some waves are timed and some waves have a kill count objective to satisfy in order to successfully complete them.

Below you will find links to Storm Shield defenses, details regarding their defenses and videos of the defenses in action.

Please Note: Gray items are not yet available.