Infinite Sword Sarah Hero Loadout

Fly around the battlefield with ease.


Team Perk

Bio-Energy SourceFOR EACH: Hero with 3 or more stars Recover Shield equal to 0.25% of Energy lost.

Support Team

Easy SwordIncreases Sword Heavy Attack Effiency by 65%.
Corrosive StrikesMelee critical hits apply 30% Snare and Affliction which deals 37% of Damage dealt each second for 3 seconds.
Anatomy LessonsIncreases Critical Rating of Swords, Axes, and Scythes by 15.
Saurian ClawsAdds 5.5% of Current Health to Melee Weapon Damage.
Legendary BladeDuring Shadow Stance, increases Sword Damage by 25%.


Adrenaline RushRestores health to you and friendly players in a 3 tile range. Purges negative effects. Heals additional health every second over 5 seconds. Revives downed allies.
Stationary Hover TurretDeploys the stationary hover turret that fires energy rounds at enemies within an 8 tile range at 6 rounds per second. Turret lasts for 30 seconds. An additional Turret is added. Turret deals damage to nearby enemies on death.

Recommended Weapons

+30 Critical Rating
+135% Crit Damage
Energy and +20% Damage
+135% Crit Damage
+45% Damage to slowed and snared targets.
Damage dealt with this weapon snares the target by 30% for 6 seconds.

+30 Critical Rating
+40 Armor
Energy and +20% Damage
+30% Damage
+135% Crit Damage
After eliminating 5 enemies with this weapon within 15 seconds, regenerate 25% of your shield over 3 seconds.

Infinite Sword Sarah Description

Sorry there is no hero loadout description at this time. Check back later to see if/when gets added for this hero loadout.

Weapon(s) Description

Sorry there is no weapons description at this time for this hero loadout. Check back later to see if/when gets added for this build.